don’t feed the talent

Actually, that’s a really bad idea, please feed your models and crew.  Oh, and water helps as well!  I personally like to offer water with and without bubbles.  Because you know some days you just feel like you need bubbles in your water. 

Water aside, this was my attempt at a sweeping landscape with our subject bathed in soft, expensive light.  Come to find out there is nothing soft in Texas in the noonday sun, even in spring.  Just hot… and lots of it.

My original idea for this image was to have this really funny, thought-provoking image of the subject viciously eating a delicate flower in a field of flowers with a fiendish look on their face.  Kind of like the fox in the hen house.  Borderline hysterical right?  Maybe not hysterical but at the very least kinda of funny and will stop make you look a minute longer.  We got that image but once I was able to sit down and go through the images (with a cold glass of water, no bubbles) I found an image I liked even better.  The lead image below.  It’s still the sweeping landscape with subject bathed in soft, expensive light!