multi-day shoot with Davis Vision

This was a massive shoot, 14 models scheduled over five shooting days. 

The largest shoot I’ve done up to this point in my career!

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I was thrilled to get the call from the VP of Marketing at Davis Vision. I had worked with him before, and this project was going to be intense.

Between working with the VP, his team and the ad agency, we spent close to nine weeks prepping for the shoot.  Davis Vision had been using stock images, so the goal was to replace all of their print, billboard and online collateral with exclusively licensed images.  

The models would represent all walks of life with a wide of range of ages and ethnicities; school-aged kids, young adults, parents, grandparents and working professionals.  I want to say the process of narrowing down the models took almost a month on its own.

The shoot involved multiple hair and makeup teams, wardrobe, the prop guy, three assistants, multiple people from the agency and then what seemed like a small army representing Davis Vision.  No pressure! 

Everything was shot on location in downtown San Antonio.  We picked this location because most spots were within walking distance of our base camp where wardrobe, props, hair and make-up were located.  Since everything was so close we’re able to condense our days of shooting.

With any large production like this, some things are bound to go not according to plan.  Like finding a killer location that saves a ton of time OR and this is my favorite; when the modeling agency instructed all the models to come with extra shoe?!?!.  We were shooting people with eyeglasses and there would be an emphasis on people from the waist up so it’s always nice to have additional shirt options to what the wardrobe folks bring.  Only in this case somehow the modeling agency auto-corrected from “shirts” to “shoes".  Yes, we’re doing a five-day shoot centered around eyewear and you have all these people showing up with bags filled with shoes.  Good times!  It’s funny now, not as funny the first day.

In spite of all the excess footwear, the shoot was a success.  The client and the agency both loved the images and it was great to see all that hard work and planning result in amazing images.