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365 and Happy New Year

OK along with the slew of New Year resolutions comes yet another and although it’s not very original it’s been a great exercise so far. I’ve committed to do a 365 project which is a picture a day every day for an entire year. At first it doesn’t sound that, challenging a picture a day but I’m after a little personal growth so the image will be more than just a snap shot here and there (that being said I’m sure throughout the year a snap shot or two will sneak in there).

What brought this all on is my oldest son is in Kindergarten and he had a project due that required a picture of him. Easy enough considering his dad is a photographer but of course we waited until the night before it’s due. As I rummaged through some old portfolio work from school looking for a single piece of photo paper to make his print (I found two!) I realized when I was in school I was really pushed to make good compelling images. This isn’t to say I don’t think I take compelling images for weddings, I do (at least in my humble opinion… I really like what I shoot!), I just don’t get out and shoot like I used to (outside of weddings, bridals and engagements). I think is mostly because I’ve been shooting a wedding just about every weekend with engagements and bridals during the week, which is great! (Thanks to all the great couples in 2009.) Now it’s time to grow a little more and just after three days it’s paying off dividends. Here’s the first two days.

Oh and a side, these images are OK but they are not killer make a portfolio image and I had to (very) quickly come to terms to that an image a day there will be some so-so ones.

New Years night, this was one of our favorite bottles of wine and Elyse was savvy enough two years ago to stow away a few bottles for a special occasion (they don’t make it anymore). Only one more to go.

Little Buddy, this one was easy to shoot all natural light in a gym it was in post production (Photoshop in this case) is where the learning experience came.


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